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Choose from Photography Studio A, which features a large area consisting of two setups, two backdrop areas, ability to change flooring, a makeup area, a business and client consult area, and large windows for natural light photography or use Photography Studio B, which features a large area with a high key cyclorama, and a low key area. This space is easily accessible for motorcycles and large props, weather permitting, which can be closed and interruption free.

Both studios A and B are high ceiling studios with Studio B having a 20 foot ceiling as the studio images indicate. There is a large cargo door in the Studio B area, which allows props such as motorcycles to be easily utilized. The facility is heated during the winter and cooled during the summer for comfortable year-round use.

Our studio member and non-member bookings come with the use of studio lighting which includes studio strobes, wizards, light modifiers and stands.

We have an extensive selection of props, which are available for a fee. A complete prop fee schedule is available at the studio.

ACCESS HOURS: our studios are available from9 AM to 8PM for Non-members , Basic Members and Associate Members, with extended hours of 8AM to 10PM for Professional Members.



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