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Studio Booking Policy


All bookings are done through the calendar selection on the website. Member bookings are expected to be made at least 48 hours in advance.  Bookings are done in full hour sessions and maybe booked on the hour. Bookings for members only may be in 1 hour sessions during the week between the hours of 9 and 5, otherwise the 2 hour minimums apply. Bookings during the week may be made in excess of 4 hours. If on weekends there is a 4 hour limit on bookings.

Please note that bookings are for time in and time out. Exceptions may be considered by management on an individual basis.


Member cancellations  are expected to be made 48 hours from the shoot time. These shoots may be rescheduled without fee. However, **cancellations made within 24 hours of the shoot will be charged a $20 cancellation fee. Please go to the Payments button and make the 24 hr cancellation fee of $20.  If not the hours will be deducted from your monthly allotment. Please be careful when booking a shoot, the time booked eliminates that set for other photographers to book and locks the studio out for that time span plus requires us to schedule staff accordingly.

Non-member Rentals

We do not schedule the shoot unless fully paid in advance   we do not reschedule rental shoots, nor do we cancel rental shoots.  Rental shoots are non-refundable.

Consult Area

Please book consult area 24 hours in advance.  We realize consults are done in an ad-hoc nature on short  notice irrespective of time booked.

Size of Subject’s Party

Please let us know if your party to be photographed will contain more than 6 members.   Photographer,mua, assistant and the subject/s to be photographed are the acceptable party size. Individuals extraneous to the photographed party will be charged a per capita fee of $10.

During the time frame of December 1st through March 31 the studio will be unavailable on wednesdays only.