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Studio Imaging 637

Membership is for professional and aspiring photographers both amateur and semi pro.  The studio was created by photographers and as such has the general ambiance and protocol that photographers desire in a studio.  No need to say it, but: We are here to help you in your photographic endeavors!  And no orientation or sign up fee!


Studio Imaging 637 has two levels of membership:

Associate Membership

Professional Membership


General Studio Description for both memberships:

1,800 square feet of studio, gallery ground level.

Easy parking, 4 minutes from exit 45 on Interstate 93 Andover.

New and clean environment.

Studio A: large area consisting of three setups, three backdrop areas, ability to change flooring, a makeup area, a business and client consult area, and large windows for natural light photography.

Studio B:  large area with a high key cyclorama, a low key area and variable backdrop area. This space is easily accessible to motorcycle and small vehicles, closed and interruption free.

A kitchenette with ample kitchen capabilities.

A clean new restroom area.

A warehouse full of props from Bobcats to a bathtub.

High speed internet access.

Studio lights consisting of 6 new White Lightning 1600’s and several soft boxes, light modifiers, stands and booms.

Membership Descriptions:

Associate Memberships:

  • Access to the studio for 4 hours of studio time per month. A low $15/ hour rate for hours over the 4 hours.
  • Access to studio lights,  light modifiers, stands.
  • *Access to general studio props.
  • Studio access hours are from 8AM to 8PM
  • Associate Memberships are only  $49/ month billed automatically to your credit/debit card and only require a 6 month commitment.
Professional Memberships

  • Access to the studio for 16 hours per month.  A low $15/hour rate for hours over the 16 hours.
  • Access to studio lights , light modifiers, stands.
  • *Access to general studio props.
  • *Studio access hours are from 8AM to 10PM
  • Professional memberships are only $99/ month billed to your credit/debit card and only require a 6 month commitment.

Hourly Rental

The hourly rental rate is $40/hr , with a 2 hour minimum paid at least 72 hours in advance.  We do not reschedule or refund to hourly rentals.  We do not schedule the shoot unless fully paid in advance.   Hourly rentals have access to the normal studio gear.

Use of Studio Gear

The studio makes available strobes, light modifiers and other gear for its members. Please treat these as you would your own gear.  Abusive damage or negligent usage will make it your gear, for other than normal wear and tear you will be held responsible for replacement or repair of such gear.

Specialized props may be available but also incur a usage fee.  Ex: Bobcat, old style bathtub etc.